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Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and may your dreams come true in 2011!!



Chris Brown and Raz B Go At It On Twitter

Chris Brown and Raz B take it to Twitter, slanging each other in the mud. I do not need to reiterate in my own words what was said between the two, just take a look at it for yourself:

chrisraz4 Twitter Explodes: Raz B Claims Chris Brown Is A Homosexual
chrisraz5 Twitter Explodes: Raz B Claims Chris Brown Is A Homosexual

All I have to say is:


Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj 'Monster' Music Video

Knaye West drops his new music video for the single 'Monster' feat Rick Ross, Jay Z, and Nicki Minaj. There is so much to say about this video, but after the jump:


Should I type my commentary in red blood runneth over? This video is spooky as hell, and does not devour any rumors that there is a cult-group going on in the music industry. Infact, this video storyline will just add more speculation and theories to that of the Illuminati running rampant in the music industry.

For real Kanye? Sex with dead women? Eating human flesh? Demonic entities? A Nicki Minaj with fangs in her mouth- playing around with another Nicki Minaj?#ICan't! I thought I saw the scariest thing in my when I watched 'The Excorcist', but this sh*t right hurr!...

Love Kanye, love the album, but this video makes me hate my MAC makeup kit now

Whitney Houston Places #34 On Top Grossing Tours Of 2010


Whitney Houston has a new reason to smile. Longtime legendary diva placed number 34 on top touring acts of 2010 list, grossing $36.3million, devouring any negativity in regards to her successful Nothin' But Love tour. Hate her or love her, the woman can still put people in concert seats. What is even more impressive about her placement on the list, is the 33 acts that came before her, are either young relevant artists who sells well such as Pink and Taylor Swift, or older acts who tour extensively all year long; every year such as Bon Jovi, AC/DC etc.

Whitney hasn't masked a tour in over 10 years prior to her recent tour, and still was able to gross decently. These numbers from her tour does not reflect her Asian dates, merchandising, nor her private gigs, so it safe to say she grossed over $40million for this tour. Coming in on the list ahead of  much relevant acts such as Rihanna, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, and Rascal Flatts, is no fall feat.
Imagine how high her numbers could had gotten had she toured the South American market such as Brasil (where her album and single, I Look To You sold well). Had she toured the American market, would had been an extra bonus. Congrats to you Ms. Houston, and we look forward to your future endeavors. Read the top 50 grossing tours of 2010 below:
Annual POLLSTAR ranking of the concert industry’s top performing artists is tabulated for all shows worked between January 1 and December 31, 2010.
All ticket sales figures are calculated in U.S. dollars and are based on reported information and extensive research by POLLSTAR.™ Copyright 2011.

50 Worldwide CONCERT TOURS 2010

 Bon Jovi 105.35 36,023 1,909,234 3,795,221 53/ 80 Creative Artists Agency177.0
AC/DC 97.21 56,905 1,820,962 5,531,988 32/ 40 Creative Artists Agency160.9
U2 100.17 73,012 1,606,269 7,313,636 22/ 32 Live Nation Global Touring133.6
Lady Gaga 88.22 14,847 1,514,395 1,309,804 102/138 William Morris Endeavor Ent’ment110.1
Metallica 98.72 26,554 1,115,275 2,621,429 42/60 Artist Group Int’l / K2 Agency104.2
Michael Buble 83.81 12,558 1,243,288 1,052,525 99/111 Beaver Prod. / S.L. Feldman / Leighton-Pope104.1
“Walking With Dinosaurs” 50.56 32,682 2,058,939 1,652,381 63/485 William Morris Endeavor Entertainment93.0
Paul McCartney 138.35 26,888 672,208 3,720,000 25/31 MPL Communications92.3
Eagles 121.85 17,616 757,488 2,146,512 43/54 William Morris Endeavor Entertainment89.5
Roger Waters 126.14 19,717 709,806 2,486,994 36/56 Sensible Events / William Morris Endeavor Ent.87.5
The Black Eyed Peas 66.13 17,411 1,323,254 1,151,369 76/84 Paradigm / X-ray Touring77.6
Dave Matthews Band 57.64 20,094 1,346,287 1,158,209 67/82 Paradigm / International Talent Booking76.6
Muse 62.23 21,223 1,230,917 1,320,690 58/64 Int’l Creative Mgmt. / The Agency Group63.8
James Taylor / Carole King 89.83 16,132 709,824 1,449,097 44/56 CAA / Paradigm / Barry Garber57.4
Cirque du Soleil - “Saltimbanco” 69.49 22,317 825,733 1,550,892 37/246 Cirque du Soleil56.3
John Mayer 57.73 10,377 975,449 599,096 94/98 CAA / International Talent Booking48.3
Justin Bieber 48.90 12,503 987,730 611,392 79/81 Creative Artists Agency48.1
Cirque du Soleil - “Alegria” 67.25 19,336 715,433 1,300,381 37/311 Cirque du Soleil46.4
Pink 62.09 24,920 747,590 1,547,223 30/30 Marshall Arts Ltd.44.6
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 68.68 16,225 648,994 1,114,244 40/46 William Morris Endeavor Entertainment44.5
Nickelback 63.24 10,995 703,668 695,313 64/64 The Agency Group44.4
Cirque du Soleil - “Quidam” 118.17 75,158 375,788 8,881,726 5/227 Cirque du Soleil43.3
Rammstein 80.75 14,492 536,222 1,170,270 37/44 Artist Group International42.9
Tim McGraw 49.20 12,819 871,708 630,766 68/69 Creative Artists Agency42.4
Brad Paisley 47.31 13,367 895,558 632,434 67/68 William Morris Endeavor Entertainment41.6
George Strait / Reba / Lee Ann Womack 84.30 15,919 493,475 1,341,935 31/31 Erv Woolsey Agency / William Morris Endeavor Ent.40.4
Taylor Swift 62.79 17,873 643,414 1,122,222 36/47 Messina Group / William Morris Endeavor Ent.39.7
Guns N’ Roses 71.81 9,370 552,847 672,881 59/60 CAA / International Talent Booking39.1
Leonard Cohen 104.30 8,150 374,880 850,000 46/55 RK Management LLC38.7
Eric Clapton 88.35 13,274 438,030 1,172,727 33/36 Creative Artists Agency38.3
Carrie Underwood 49.17 7,637 778,930 375,490 102/102 Creative Artists Agency37.9
Michael Flatley’s “Lord Of The Dance” 69.56 3,303 545,044 229,770 165/244 The Booking Group / World Concert Artists36.4
Aerosmith 76.12 12,261 478,192 933,333 39/39 Paradigm / International Talent Booking

Whitney Houston 118.89 8,252 305,324 981,081 37/46 William Morris Endeavor Entertainment 36.3

Andre Rieu 85.56 6,593 421,926 564,063 64/83 Andre Rieu Productions35.4
Scorpions 56.68 8,334 625,028 472,369 75/76 The Agency Group Ltd.33.5
Phish 52.80 22,660 634,469 1,196,429 28/47 Paradigm32.3
Coldplay 77.07 41,910 419,099 3,230,000 10/11 Paradigm / X-ray Touring32.2
Rod Stewart 102.44 16,542 314,304 1,694,606 19/35 Artist Group International32.1
Rush 75.31 10,929 426,238 823,077 39/40 Artist Group Int’l / The Agency Grp. / S.L. Feldman & Assoc.32.0
Depeche Mode 82.75 19,311 386,228 1,598,048 20/24 Sensible Events Ltd31.9
Elton John 90.15 4,782 353,854 431,081 74/80 Howard Rose Agency / Marshall Arts31.5
Jonas Brothers 58.27 13,879 541,280 808,796 39/43 Creative Artists Agency30.1
Jeff Dunham 45.33 5,876 664,019 266,372 113/117 Creative Artists Agency29.4
Alicia Keys 77.27 9,280 380,484 717,073 41/43 MBK Entertainment28.5
Jack Johnson 47.93 13,214 594,617 633,333 45/47 Partisan Ar ts28.4
Rascal Flatts 48.66 11,899 583,056 579,033 49/51 William Morris Endeavor Entertainment28.0
Cher 125.84 3,423 222,508 430,768 1/65 Bonus Management27.9
 Simply Red 75.40 6,852 370,026 516,667 54/56 Creative Artists Agency27.0
Rihanna 64.83 8,861 416,473 574,468 47/50 William Morris Endeavor Entertainment



Aretha Franklin has Pancreatic Cancer (says sources)

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has Pancreatic Cancer according to sources and recent reports. This news comes after Ms. Franklin canceled a slew of concerts to undergo an unknown surgery back in November. Family close to Aretha confirms to Detroit's Fox 2 station, Detroit Fox News ,that the 17 time Grammy winner has cancer.

Ms. Franlkin recently released a statement saying:

"The surgery was highly successful," she said. "God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country. God bless you all for your prayers!" -Aretha

Ms. Franklin never disclosed as to why she underwent sudden surgery, but she did disclose it was for "medical reasons", Now reports are confirming that the Queen of Soul has Pancreatic Cancer, and less than a year to live.

This is a statement we wanted to post from a concerned fan, that speaks on how much power and influence Aretha has made, and the elite class she has been in the presence of:

"When you consider that Aretha Franklin has always made herself accessible during some of the most significant moments in American history such Mahalia Jackson's funeral, Rosa Parks funeral, Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral, Jimmy Carter's inauguration, Bill Clinton's inauguration, Barack Obama's inauguration, etc. I will say now that if something befalls the Queen of Soul in 2011 (and I pray it doesn't) folks better represent her the way she has always represented". -NiceGuy

All of our prayers and wishes goes out to Ms. Aretha Franklin, friends, and family, for we know that God is the Ultimate Decider on our lives, and not Doctors.
Read the entire article here

Back in September, I personally named Aretha as one of the Ultimate Divas of all time, amongst others. Read that article here


Lil Kim To Work On 'Hardcore' Sequel

Lil Kim is riding the hi-waves, after her dis track Black Friday caused a frenzy on the net. Black Friday is a dis track in response to Nicki Minaj's recent interview with Hot 97 and subliminal shots at Kim on Roman's Revenge feat Eminem.

Well AllHipHop.com has picked up on the rumor, that after Kim's massive support and response for spittin' hard at Nicki on Black Friday, that she is set to hit the studio to work on 'Hardcore2: All Hail The Queen', which is the sequel to her critically acclaim album 'Hardcore'.

Kim took it to her Twitter a few days ago, to call-out all the people she took shots at in her dis track, check some of her Tweets out below:

WHO THE FUCK WANT WAR??? I'm turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th. #LILKIMBLACKFRIDAY

Foxy CHECK, Eve CHECK , Remy, CHECK , Nicki 11-26-1020 CHECK

Nicki Minaj's Interview with Hot 97 Angie Martinez:

Nicki Minaj feat Eminem 'Roman's Revenge'


Lil Kim responded with 'Black Friday' (Warning, Explicit Lyrics)

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