Do You Believe Raz B?


Former B2k member, and cousin of manager Chris Stokes, RazB, has been releasing a series of videotapes claiming Marques Houston and Chris Stokes sexually abused and raped him as a young teen. In the latest of videotapes released, RazB calls up former 90s protege' of Stokes, Quindon Tarver, to get some reassurance on the events that took place with Tarver when he was a young and up and coming singer under the wings of Stokes.

Quindon Tarver

Quindon gives graphic details of the events that occurred while he was under the wings of Chris Stokes and label-mate of Marques Houston. He tells RazB:

"I was Laying there on the floor, Chris is on the bed, Marques was right there next to me, he (Marques Houston), was trying to penetrate me. I told him I was bleeding, I said it hurts." Quindon breaks and then says, 'wow, it hurts dude..it hurts, it hurts me, I'm a kid."

Quindon has released several stories before about him being molested by Chris Stokes and Marques Houston, you can read the article here http://binside.typepad.com/binside_tv/2008/06/b2k-sex-scandal.html

The video is pretty graphic, and very disturbing tales of the sad events that allegedly took place on tour buses, hotel rooms, in homes, etc.

Watch the video here, courtesy of WorldStarHipHop


  Marques Houston                     Chris Stokes

Seems pretty sincere and and genuine  to me, what do you think?

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