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Whitney Houston has been entertaining us for the past 25 years (wow That is a long time!), we fans have recently united and created an online Chat Forum dedicated to Ms. Houston aka The Voice. In a time where the media and blogs has been poorly unfair to Ms. Houston, we fans have come together to fight against the snakes, and praise Ms. Houston's legacy, which is unprecedented.

Whitney is the most sought after premiere vocalist of all time, and she has made such an impact on many female artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Monica, Brandy, Amerie, Celine Dione, Mariah Carey, and a host of other singers.

In one of my latest articles Ultimate Divas, Whitney was voted the Ultimate Diva out of an elite group of female artists including Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and Barbara Streisand, which says a lot about the impact of Whitney. View the entire article by clicking here

Whitney recently attended Alicia Keys Keep Hope Alive charity event which benefits children in need, and she stepped out looking fabulous, defusing all the tabloid rumors that she is still on drugs.
To watch footage o Whitney on the red carped at the event, click here 

 The Fight Against The Media (Whitney Houston) community, includes an elite group of fans, who celebrate the artistry and everyday life of Ms. Houston. We chat, we interact, we come up with ideas, and we just do all what you would expect a dedicated fan of an artist does. There is 0 tolerance for erratic behavior, and all violators will be banned

To join this exclusive community, you must be a fan of Whitney, and you must prove that you are dedicated to respect and honor Whitney's artistry, life, and family. We have weekly chat meetings, and sometimes Whitney's own daughter Bobbi Kristina joins in on the community and share exclusive info for the fans.

To join The Fight Against The Media FanClub, apply by contacting the FanClub Administrator, by clicking on the logo below, and you will be instructed on how to join

1st exclusive chat starts tonight at 6pm EST 

You can also join the WhitneyTalk Face Book fanpage by clicking on the logo below.

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