Music's Ultimate Diva

The word diva has been floating around a lot as of lately, but I feel the word has been highly over-used to describe some artists who Are Not Divas. (Rhianna, Niki Minaj, Myley Cyrus)

Diva: a highly distinguished female singer; prima donna

I have compiled some categories, of what I think a diva should possess in order to carry her title appropriately. This is what I came up with:

  • No Last Names A diva with so much success and power under her belt, need no last name. Her first name alone is all she needs.  You automatically know who she is when her first name is called. This type of diva needs NO introduction.

  • Status/Legendary- A diva stands in a high, prestigious position. She has power, she is well known, and she is well respected. A diva with status knows her position, and uses it to her advantage.She has been around for a long time, and can still sell-out shows, top the charts, and remain relevant.  Her legacy is cemented.

  • Impact/Influence- A diva who has influenced many, broke boundaries, and set the standards for all who have followed. A diva who made an impact, is a diva who is well idolized by her peers, her predecessors, and even her successors, A diva who possesses influence, is a diva who is always acknowledged.

  • Style- A diva who knows how to "wear it". A diva with style is a trend setter. No matter what she wears, she wears it like no other. She can be classy, she can be sexy, she can be edgy, and she can just be plain out fabulous. She turns eyes whenever she steps into a room, she is always the bell of the ball.

  • Stage Presence- A diva who knows how to work a stage. A diva with great stage presence, is a diva who can engage you you with her attitude, her interpretations, her mannerisms, and just her overall stage persona. When she is on that stage, she never bores you. She emotes a persona on a stage, that can become different from her persona when she is off-stage. Whenever she is on stage, her entire demeanor evolves into a character that is so captivating to the human eye, that commands your attention through-out.

  • Achievements- A diva is successful. She has the honors, the accolades, and the numbers, to prove her accomplishments. A diva who has the highest achievements, always receives top billing on anything she touches.

    • Talent- A diva has skills. A diva with talent pretty much let the talent speaks for itself. She perfects her craft, and she does it better than any other. 
      •  Attitude- A diva with an attitude, has an aura about her that can be demanding. She can talk the talk, and walk the walk. She is in control, she can be bitchy, and she can be nice, she can be happy and she can be mad, but ultimately, she is in a position to do so, because after-all, she is a Diva

    • Domination- All of these women have dominated at least an entire era, let-alone, years in show business. Whether it was leading on the music charts, starring in films, selling-out tours, winning a variety of prestegious awards, and excelling  in achievements. It is one thing to be on the top, but when you can dominate an entire era, is very unprecedented 

      I have compiled a list of female artists, who I think deserves most (if not all) the characteristics listed above to be a diva. We;ve boiled it down to a top 11. From this list, I want you to rank who you think is the Ultimate Diva, to the least ultimate diva. (1 being the highest ranking, and 11 being the lowest ranking), using all of the Diva Characteristics Here is my list of Ultimate Divas:

      Dianna Ross  Celine Dion
      Madonna  Whitney Houston
      Barbara Streisand Mariah Carey
      Janet Jackson Tina Turner
      Aretha Franklin Beyonce
      Britney Spears

      Note: If you do not see your favorite diva listed, it's because this list is compiled of the most powerful, popular, and successful women in music history...the numbers do not lie. Beyonce and Britney Spears were added to the list, because they are the two most successful women in music under 30.

      Here is a collection of live performances of these divas at some of their best:
    Barbara Streisand live

    Dianna Ross live

    Aretha Franklin live

    Tina Turner live

    Madonna live

    Celine Dion live

    Whitney Houston live

    Janet Jackson live 

    Mariah Carey live

    Britney Spears live

    Beyonce live

    Click here to watch a slide show and a biography of all these ultimate divas

    Honorable Mentions: These are powerful women in music who did not quite crack our list (not that they aren't Ultimate Divas), but their place in music deserves to be  mentioned...

    Janis Joplin Patti Labelle Judy Garland Nina Simone Cyndi Lauper Gloria Estefan
    Liza Minelli Dionne Warwick Ella Fitzgerald Chaka Khan Gladys Knight Donna Summer
    Billie Holiday Dianna Kroll Faith Hill Leena Horne Shania Twain Cher

    Rank your list, and compare it with others..

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