My Top 6 R&B Male Groups Of The 90s

90s R&B groups were some of the premiere vocalists of the 90s, at least to many music goers at that time. But this brings me to ask an interesting question, what happened to male R&B groups of the 90s? Male R&B groups...period? From the smooth sound of melodic harmonies, to singing songs that was like love-art to many women, those love grooves are highly missed and may be gone forever. In this post, I would like to pay homage to some of my favorite male R&B groups of the 90s;

Tony Toni Tone
 Trio Tony Toni Tone led by writer/composer/producer Raphael Sadique, his brother Dwayane Wiggins, and their cousin Timothy Christian, were one of the more colorful groups of the 90s and help set the tone for groups who followed. With hits such as It Feels Good, Little Walter, It Never Rains (In Southern California), and my fav Anniversary, Tony Toni Tone def deserves their mention. Raphael Sadique went on create the group Lucy Pearl , and eventually went on to embark on a successful solo career. Sadique still make music as a solo artist, and writes music for many other artists as well.

Tony Toni Tone Anniversary

Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men were the most successful male R&B group of the 90s, giving us those smooth melodic harmonies as only Boyz II Men knew how. The group scored big with their first BB Hot 100 #1 hit End Of The Road (1992), and went on to have major success throughout the 90s. Boyz II Men's most notable hits also included I'll Make Love To You, On Bended Knee, Water Runs Dry, A Song For Momma, 4 Seasons Of Lonliness, Motown Philly, and One Sweet Day, a #1 duet with Mariah Carey. Boyz II Men continues to make music for their fanbase (minus Michael), and tour periodically.

Boyz II Men On Bended Knee


I would say out of all the male R&B groups of the 90s, Jodeci were "the bad boys" of the bunch. With their urban-aggressive style, Jodeci provided us with some classic r&b tunes including Come And Talk To Me, Forever My Lady, Stay,  Lately (Steven Wonder cover), and Feenin, were amongst my favorite Jodeci songs. With their soul music-New Jack Swing-style, Jodeci will be remembered for their street-grooves and aggressive love session-music. JoJo and K-Ci (brothers) have since created a duo group on their own by the same name, and had many hits as a duo.

Jodeci Lately


What can I say about Silk?? The most underrated male r&b group of the bunch IMO. Silk had range and harmony for days. Their love-ballads are some of the best I ever heard. Who can forget the # 1 r&b classic Freak Me? Some of Silks other love-making music included; Girl You For Me, Lose Control, Meeting In My Bedroom, I Can Go Deep, Don't Rush (compose yourself Diva lol), and Let's Make Love. During Silk's reign, their music probably  made a lot of babies. Silk continues to do shows here in there.

Silk Lose Control


Hi-Five scored big with their Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) in the early 90s scoring just enough for me to fall in love with the group's lead singer. Tony Thompson, who tragically died. Hi-Five had some pretty impressive hit songs including my favs; Quality Time, She's Playing Hard To Get, I Can't Wait Another Minute, and I Just Can't Handle It. Hi-Five had so much potential, but sometimes money and fame gets the best of people, and egos clash.

Hi -Five I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)

Mint Condition

  Mint Condition is what I would describe as an "r&b soul band."  Revered as one of the more talented and credible groups from the 90s, Mint Condition was in a league of their own. With my favs such as Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes), U Send Me Swingin, Forever in Your Eyes, and If You Love Me, Mint Condition will forever be my favorite r&b band. Mint Condition are still together, and continue to make music and tour.

Mint Condition Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)

There were so many male r&b groups of the 90s to name. I listed my top 5. My honorable mentions goes to:
Bel Biv Devoe
Jagged Edge
Az Yet
Dru Hill
All 4 One
Color Me Bad

How I wish those days would come back. Peep this performance from the 1995 AMA's Black Men United You Will Know, now this is 'sangin'

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