Oprah Revisits 'The Color Purple' 25 Years Later

On Monday's episode of Oprah, she reunites with the cast of the Oscar nominated classic film, The Color Purple. Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg squash all the rumors that there was ever a beef between the two them. Here is an excerpt from the upcoming show:

Oprah and Whoopi get emotional, and squash the rumors regarding their feud

The Color Purple has become a standard collectible-film, in many black households. It has been dubbed :The Greatest Black Film Made With A Black Ensemble Cast", and many (such as myself) felt many Oscar nods and wins were snubbed.

Remembering The Color Purple:

Who can forget the most classic scene in the film, where Suge Avery's character sings her heart and soul out in "Speak To Me", for her father's forgiveness. What a powerful scene.

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