Usher vs Justin Timberlake vs CHris Brown. Who's The Best Dancer???

For the past decade or so, there has been three male dancers that has been this generation's Michael Jackson when it comes to dancing. Usher, Justin Timberlake, and of course Chris Brown. All three of these gentleman have cited Michael Jackson as their sole influence. 

Usher started his career as a young R&B singer/dancer that has incorporated the essence of Michael Jackson into his own original moves, and pretty much been dubbed this generation's Michael Jackson. But is it rightfully so?

Justin Timberlake started his career as the youngest member of a boy band, that branched out into his own solo career as a pop/r&b dance artist. And like Usher, Justin has incorporated the essence of Michael Jackson into his moves, with a touch of his own choreography.

Chris Brown started his career not too long ago, and ever since his debut onto the music scene, he has been compared more to Michael Jackson then that of the other two. Chris's choreography has been cited as more technical than that of Usher and Justin. But is that true?

So this question brings me to ask everyone, who do you think is the best dancer of the three? Focusing solely on performance, versatility, technicality, originality, and of course, the better interpreter of Michael Jackson.

Note: This has nothing to do with their music, their voices, nor their time in the business, only dancing.

These three men are to dancing what singing is to Whitney Houston or what playing a saxophone is to Kenny G. So if that help put things into more of a sensible perspective, then let's go on that.

Who is the better dancer??

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