Aretha Franklin has Pancreatic Cancer (says sources)

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has Pancreatic Cancer according to sources and recent reports. This news comes after Ms. Franklin canceled a slew of concerts to undergo an unknown surgery back in November. Family close to Aretha confirms to Detroit's Fox 2 station, Detroit Fox News ,that the 17 time Grammy winner has cancer.

Ms. Franlkin recently released a statement saying:

"The surgery was highly successful," she said. "God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country. God bless you all for your prayers!" -Aretha

Ms. Franklin never disclosed as to why she underwent sudden surgery, but she did disclose it was for "medical reasons", Now reports are confirming that the Queen of Soul has Pancreatic Cancer, and less than a year to live.

This is a statement we wanted to post from a concerned fan, that speaks on how much power and influence Aretha has made, and the elite class she has been in the presence of:

"When you consider that Aretha Franklin has always made herself accessible during some of the most significant moments in American history such Mahalia Jackson's funeral, Rosa Parks funeral, Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral, Jimmy Carter's inauguration, Bill Clinton's inauguration, Barack Obama's inauguration, etc. I will say now that if something befalls the Queen of Soul in 2011 (and I pray it doesn't) folks better represent her the way she has always represented". -NiceGuy

All of our prayers and wishes goes out to Ms. Aretha Franklin, friends, and family, for we know that God is the Ultimate Decider on our lives, and not Doctors.
Read the entire article here

Back in September, I personally named Aretha as one of the Ultimate Divas of all time, amongst others. Read that article here

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