Wayne Brady Spoofs 'For Colored Girls' (Funny Ish!)

wayne_brady.jpgDamn he's cute

Comedian Wayne Brady does it again! The new film For Colored Girls in theaters today, has some stiff (literally) competition called For (Stuffed) Colored GirlsFor (Stuffed) Colored Girls is a funny spoof-trailer, that stars comedians Wayne Brady, Affion Crockett, and Chris Spencer, where they use stuffed dolls as the replacements for the female characters in the real movie.

This ish is real funny because one of the stuffed dolls actually looks like Whoopi. You just have to see this to see what I mean. Check it out below:

Here is the original trailer below:


You got  to give it to Wayne Brady, dude is hella funny. Make sure you check out the REAL  For Colored Girls in theaters today

Michael Jackson: New Record Out December 14

Michael Jackson: New Record Out December 14!

Fans of Michael Jackson will get to hear the King of Pop sing even after his death.
The pop superstar’s music will be released posthumously on Epic Records next month on Michael, a collection of newly completed recordings.
The first released track, entitled “Breaking News,” will premiere MONDAY (November 8) on MichaelJackson.com. “Breaking News” was recorded in New Jersey back in 2007.
MJ fans will be able to pre-order Michael beginning tomorrow.
FYI: The album cover was created by oil painter Kadir Nelson.

Now this is all exciting for me, cause I am a huge MJ fan. It will  be quite amazing to sit back and watch the mayhem that will occur once Micheal's unreleased material hit the fan. And selling records? Icing on the cake. RIP King Of Pop.

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